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A multiplayer strategy game developed by Wahyanites!



We have never found school boring after developing this game:

  • Bring everywhere
  • Play with anyone
  • Play at any time (Don't complain if you got caught by teacher :p)
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to chnage rules

Beta Scenarios

= 1880 (Beta) =

Made Scenarios

= New World Order =

Do you know

Recent Updates

Midas | 2.3.1

Named by Ath3rns

  • Added 'nuclear technology'
  • changed a bomb and nuclear factory behind it

Oasis | 2.3

Named by Ath3rns

  • Changed oil drill from Modern Tech to WW2 tech (by inventing motorized warfare)
  • Added artillery units (Rocket Artillery, Self-propelled Artillery)
  • Fixed Planet Destroyer (Added 10 years CD and a limit of building, i.e. maximum build 3)
  • Added space units (Space Warrior, Robot Warrior)
  • Added oil to some of the units
  • Added oil obtaining method

Militarius | 2.3

Named by Ath3rns

  • Added Units:
    • Mountain Fighter

(Passive: Mountain fighting HP +500)

HP: 1000 Atk: 800 (500M each)

    • Forest Fighter

(Passive: If guerrilla, attack +200)

HP: 1000 Atk: 900 (500M each)

  • Changed prices

Commando 1B --> 700M

Medium Tank 500M --> 750M

Heavy Tank 1B --> 1.5B

  • Buff artillery: add passive: 25% fires once before battle
  • Nerfed Infantries

Mechanized Infantry: 850 HP --> 750 HP, 800 atk --> 700 atk

Motorized Infantry: 1000 HP --> 800HP, 700 atk --> 500 atk

  • Buffed Heavy Tank

HP: 2000--> 2500 ...more information

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